Seneca and iLLUMiON collaborate in development of social intranet ‘SmartPeople’

On 9 September 2011 Seneca and iLLUMiON signed an agreement to collaborate in further developing the social intranet ‘SmartPeople’. SmartPeople is a solution for informal knowledge sharing and knowledge management in knowledge-intensive organisations that use social media. Seneca adds this application to its rich assortment of products that are part of the content management system (CMS) Smartsite iXperion.


iLLUMiON brings knowledge, expertise and technology from its application CorporateLives to this collaboration. Seneca hopes that this collaboration will accomplish an acceleration in further development and roll-out of its social intranet SmartPeople. iLLUMiON will received accelerated access to the healthcare, housing and government industries to introduce its CorporateLives technology.

SmartPeople allows staff in knowledge-intensive organisations to share information and knowledge among each other in an informal manner. Employees will so quickly discover which colleagues are experts in various areas of expertise. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations  by sharing knowledge in this manner, discovering what expertise exists in an organisation and employing it in the best possible way.

Experience in knowledge management

Knowledge management is well-known territory for both Seneca and iLLUMiON. The Smartsite iXperion knowledge system by Seneca and iLLUMiON’s CorporateLives are two practical examples of this expertise. Among other things, the Smartsite iXperion knowledge system increases the effectiveness of front-desk staff at customer contact centres. CorporateLives is used by large and medium-sized companies as a social intranet and social knowledge project.

While SmartPeople supports the informal gathering and sharing of knowledge, the Smartsite iXperion knowledge system offers a platform for managing formal knowledge. In order to have formal and informal knowledge management converge, Seneca has developed a roadmap in which both products can collaborate together and supplement each other. Knowledge that has been gathered in an informal process can, after approval from authorised staff, be upgraded to the status of formal knowledge. This type of process continuously ensures updated and accurate information, for instance as a support solution for customer contact centres.

SmartPeople: social intranet in the Cloud

SmartPeople is a cloud-based application. This allows an organisation to launch a social intranet within a matter of hours. New users will be acquainted with the web-based knowledge solution by means of a workshop.

Published: 3 November 2011 -

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