Send your website visitors personalised information

Do you want to provide your website visitors with information that fits their specific and personal needs? Smartsite makes this possible!

Smartsite offers a variety of opportunities to personalize information implicitly as well as explicitly. By assigning metadata to your content, manually or automatically, Smartsite is able to create relations between different content items. Therefore it is possible to provide (anonymous) visitors automatically with for them relevant information. This is called implicit personalization.

Smartsite also offers the opportunity to implement the explicit personalized Module. With this application every visitors can build their own ‘personal page’ on you website. This personal page will then be filled with relevant information fitting the profile the visitor made out for himself. The explicit personalization module holds the following features:

  • To subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Add or change his or hers personal profile
  • Add or change favourites.

A thesaurus or keyword list can be the basis for the selection of interest area’s en features. The thesaurus and keyword list can be found and managed in the standard thesaurus function within Smartsite. By creation a personal page the visitor will receive additional and exact information based on their personal interest. This in combination with the use of implicit personalization will optimally service the visitor.  


Leonidas: "Smartsite is extremely intuitive. Non-technical users can, therefore, quickly start to use the system."